When the #saveourtown campaign was launched back in May, the focus was ensuring momentum continued until the week commencing 20th August.

The week commencing 20th August was the date that a decision on the Newlands Park and Power Court applications was due to be made by Luton Borough Council.

Six weeks ago the campaign committee were disappointed as every one else when it learned of further delays to the process, which meant that the 20th August was no longer a viable date for a decision to be made.

Six weeks later there has been no new information released about when the planning meeting will now take place.

This week, the week commencing 20th August 2018, #saveourtown is calling on Luton Borough Council to make public a revised decision date.

Campaign chairman, Nigel Green said: “Our message remains the same as it does when the delay was first announced – we are together, we are united, and we grow louder, stronger and more focused with every day that passes.

“While the delay was disappointing, we’ve used the extra time wisely and have spoken to more residents and local businesses from more communities across Luton, sharing the benefits of these once in a lifetime planning applications.

“It is now more important than ever that a new date is released so that we can ensure that the voices of all those that are behind us are heard.”