Here at #saveourtown we want to continue to bring you stories of how people in our community are going over and above in this difficult era we are living in.

We have heard, and had personal experience of, how the owner and the staff of LLFI Grocers and Old Skool Pantry have been pulling out all the stops to serve our community, as well as making adjustments to the way they run the businesses, to make them both viable and reactive to the needs and desires of their customers.

Supporters of ours from the very beginning, we wanted to highlight that they have been incredibly thoughtful, sourcing ingredients that many of us could not get our clean hands on and their delivery service of essential groceries has proved invaluable to many.

With a big thank you to Daniela, who patiently deals with the orders and assists Alessandro, her brother and the owner, in the daily running of the businesses and also to Robert Kelly, the co-owner of the grocers.

A huge thanks too to all your friendly, helpful staff from all your customers and from all of us at #saveourtown. We thank you for putting flour back in our cupboards and for doing the most amazing Sunday roasts delivered to our doors, with ingenious grocery boxes to choose from and with a varied menu that now includes gelato.

We know you have been ensuring our key workers have been looked after too, a true credit to the community

We thought it only right to ask how it has been for them during this pandemic period, so over to the man himself. You are a fine example of why we are so proud of this town.