About #saveourtown

What is #saveourtown?

#saveourtown is an independent campaign backed by Lutonians and people who care about Luton, to support plans to regenerate the town with a new gateway project at Junction 10 and a new football stadium at Power Court.

The single main objector to the plans is Capital & Regional, a London and Johannesburg based property company which is trying to block the project to protect its monopoly on retail in Luton.

We want to ensure that the record 11,000+ voices who sent emails and letters to Luton Borough Council, and all the Luton communities who support the plans, are heard and listened to – not drowned out by the Capital & Regional PR machine.

What is #saveourtown trying to achieve?

#saveourtown is an independent volunteer-led campaign group made up of Lutonians. We love Luton, but we know there’s room for progress. There now exists a once-in-life-time chance to support major transformation of our town, the like we have never seen before.

A dual-site regeneration proposal for Power Court, in the heart of the town, and Newlands Park, by junction 10 of the M1 motorway, is the most exciting, ambitious and inspirational development for Luton in our lifetimes. It will change our town, physically, for the better, but it will also help transform perceptions of our town, which has been unfairly stigmatised for generations.
We believe it’s time to put a sense of pride back into our town so, as concerned citizens, we are helping to raise awareness of these plans.

Thousands of you, celebrities, community figures, community groups, well-known Lutonians and businesses already support these proposals, but there is one major objector – Capital and Regional, a London and Johannesburg-based property company that owns The Mall shopping centre – which is trying to block the project and, as they have publicly stated, “kick the plans into the long grass”.

We believe these proposals will benefit The Mall too, so we say it’s time for Capital and Regional to listen to the will of the people and start supporting the plans that will give Luton a bright new future that we all want and deserve.

We are doing this by giving a voice to Lutonians through positive messages, community engagement events and multi-media campaigns about our town. We want to reach and hear from as many Lutonians and local people as possible because your voice matters most.

Now you’ve discovered our website you can find out more about the work that we are doing. You can find out about all the people and businesses that support our campaign. You can also follow us on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube – and help amplify a positive message about Luton by sharing our posts and videos.

You can sign up to receive our newsletter and get all the latest #saveourtown news and information straight to your inbox.

But, most importantly, you can tell everyone, from your friends, family neighbours, co-workers and anyone you come into contact with.

Together we are stronger. Together we can #saveourtown.

Why back the proposals?

The development proposals for Power Court and Newlands Park offer Luton a bright new future.
They will:

  • Create 10,000 new jobs and opportunities within Luton
  • Boost the local economy by more than £250million each and every year
  • Revitalise and regenerate a town centre that has seen more than a decade of stagnation
  • Help put a sense of pride back into the town and its people
  • Open up land at Kenilworth Road for much-needed community use in the Bury Park area
  • Be the catalyst for further development and regeneration
  • It won't be the end of the story because it will help create a new legacy for Luton

Power Court, in the centre of Luton, will be transformed from a derelict and contaminated eyesore, to a pleasant and attractive environment, delivering new and exciting facilities to enhance people's lives every day and evening of the year.

It will include:

  • A 21st century, 17,500-seater football stadium for Luton Town Football Club
  • An 1,800-capacity live music venue (the biggest in Beds, Herts and Bucks)
  • New and enhanced public piazza meeting space with the River Lea (currently hidden underground) brought to the fore, providing an embankment from which the public can enjoy a view over Luton's only Grade 1 listed building - St Mary's Church
  • Bars and restaurants
  • A small niche cinema
  • A medium sized hotel and banqueting venue
  • Creche / play area
  • Lifestyle retail units
  • Supermarket
  • 100 car parking spaces
  • Beneficial public transport links in close proximity

Learn more about this proposed development at: http://2020developments.co.uk/powercourt/index.php

Newlands Park is a 40-acre site at junction 10 of the M1 motorway. It will enhance perceptions of Luton, bring in new business, complement the town centre and will provide:

  • An impressive and iconic new gateway to Luton to be proud of
  • An eye-catching environmentally friendly 'green roof' with walking spaces where people can gather and use the facilities on offer, such as rooftop cafes
  • Approximately 500,000 sq ft of high-spec offices, forming a landmark design
  • An innovative leisure hub, housed in an iconic 'crystal' design with a high-end cinema and a wide range of active leisure attractions
  • Aspirational, high-end retail to complement the existing town centre retail in Luton

Learn more about this proposed development at: http://2020developments.co.uk/newlandspark/index.php

However, if these proposals for Power Court and Newlands Park do not go ahead, Luton will be left with:

  • Un-utilised land by the M1, as the gateway to the town
  • An eyesore at Power Court in the centre of the town, which enhances perceptions of Luton as a town in decline
  • A crumbling Kenilworth Road football stadium on a site in one of the most deprived wards in the country, which could be used for desperately needed housing and other community uses
  • A dying night-time economy in the fourth largest town in England, where the town centre is effectively empty by 6pm every evening when The Mall shopping centre shuts its doors
  • A missed opportunity to boost the economy of the local area and create huge numbers of new jobs, that would provide the people of Luton and their children with a bright new future

Would you like to help with the campaign?

We have set up a JustGiving crowdfunding page to help generate funds for our campaign. If you are able, we'd be eternally grateful for your donation, no matter how big or small.

Here's what you've told us

While we believe Luton will be transformed by Power Court and Newlands Park, don’t just take our word for it.

People are having their say as part of our Change.org petition urging Capital & Regional, owners of The Mall shopping centre, to stop blocking a bright new future for Luton. Sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/capital-regional-stop-blocking-a-bright-new-future-for-luton

This is a chance to add to the original UK planning record of 11,000 people who wrote to Luton Borough Council in 2016, supporting the plans for Power Court and Newlands Park. The key difference now is the opportunity to tell the major objector why they need to change their stance and listen to what the people of the town want and need.

Also, all your responses (be polite) will be sent direct to the email inboxes of the Capital and Regional Chief Executive and Chairman.

Responses such as these...


Rob Jones

It matters to the folk of Luton, do the right thing and support the proposals for regeneration. PC and NP are the future and the Mall can benefit from this.

Angela Phelan

This will be the most important development in the towns history and nobody should be allowed to stand in the way of this incredible opoutunity which will benefit every Lutonian.


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the whole town and surrounding areas. Our children and grandchildren deserve the regeneration of Luton not more stagnation.

Michael Pratt

This great town and its community deserve these massive projects that are planned……who in their right minds would feel it necessary to stand against such a desperately needed investment in the town of Luton…..

Terry Coan

Best thing to happen in the history of the town

Vincent Mitchell

I want this great town to have a future and a new football stadium to be proud of.

Dave T

Future generations will not look kindly upon us if we allow big business to put their greed above this once in a lifetime opportunity to revitalise and regenerate our town.

Rosette Davies

This is a great opportunity to regenerate our town and to leave a lasting legacy to future generations

Helen Gatward

It is not just about the football stadium, it’s about what the town needs. And the town needs this!

Chris Gathern

This will just not benefit the football club, but the whole of the town.

Stuart Eaglesham

Our town needs to move forward with these developments, not just for the football club but for the town as a whole as we are being left behind the other large towns and cities locally, we cannot let them monopolize our town, We need this. THIS IS OUR TOWN!!!!!!!

Ray Coot

Let’s make Luton the town it should be & give the football club the stadium it & its supporters deserve .

Anthony Mallon

These projects are vitaly important for the future of Luton!

Ann Clarke

I love Luton amd wamt it to thrive. I want mpre opportunities for young and old.

Susan Jones

We need to transform our town. The football family need a new stadium, it needs to be in our town, OUR Luton Town!

Roger Pile

I want a brighter, better town to benefit my children and grandchildren. These developments will make everyone proud of our town again.

Thomas Maher

I believe both project will deliver a better future for Luton, culturally and financially

Martin Roberts

This development must take place to transform Luton Town Centre for the 21st Century and restore it as a place Lutonians can return to and be proud of!

Sue Armstrong

I love my town and want to see it prosper

Nina Coodien

I sincerely believe it will move this town forward , bring opportunities to our community , our present and our future #saveourtown #please #thankyou

Paul Haynes

Luton as a town deserves investment and as a Lutonian I want to be proud of my home town once more.

Owen Clarke

This is a huge opportunity for not just the football club but the whole town, why should a company from London be able to control the town’s destiny

Darren Howard

Luton needs to progress for our future generations.

sheila fitzgerald

I believe in this town and it’s people

Dee Lovelock

This is a massive opportunity for Luton


Our Town deserves these fantastic developments. It is just not the Football club and supporters that will benefit. Just for starters a decent music venue would be great as there are no real local venues for larger bands/groups to play.

andrew kimberley

Both developments are a once in a lifetime opportunity for Luton and c&r do not own the town.

John Harley

Luton both need and deserve a better future which the Power Court and Newlands developments offer !!!

David Whittington

This is the brightest future Luton has had in many generations

Cathy Hutchison

This is essential for the future of our town and our football club – no one should stand in the way of what is so obviously a hugely beneficial development to Luton.

Mick Henman

I love my town, and it needs the kiss of life, dont see why non Luton people should dictate to me and affect my children /grandchildrens future

Simon Marshall

Luton needs this badly not just for the club but for the TOWN!!!!

Stephen Hayhurst

I. want my grandchildren to grow up to be proud of their town

Jean Large

The whole town not just the football club need this development for future generations to enjoy


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3 weeks ago

Save Our Town

People loving Luton as much as we do on the Save our Town committee is always something we are very happy to highlight. So when the art work of Lutonian Jonas Allen caught our respective eyes, we wanted to share it with you all.

Looking closely, I am sure we can all pick out the local landmarks.

We asked Jonas about his favourite buildings to depict.

"Luton gets a bit of a bad rep for being an ugly town, but there are so many beautiful buildings and areas to be proud of. It was fun to play around with images of Luton and put together these 5 iconic Luton views.

Luton has been my home my whole life and going away for uni seemed to make me an even prouder Lutonian. I studied civil engineering at Bath Uni, so I love bridges. This influenced my choice of Wardown Park bridge as one of my favourite Luton views.

This little painting is just a glimpse of all that there is to celebrate in Luton!"

Jonas' artwork can be viewed and purchased here:
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2 months ago

Save Our Town

As we start to head towards a slow return to some semblance of normality and with a lot of our followers naturally being affected in all sorts of ways by the loss of sporting fixtures, we thought we would have a catch up with Luton Town Football Club's official photographer, Gareth Owen. Like so many of us, forced into lockdown, we thought this a good time to learn some more about the man, the legend. With yesterday's exciting announcement that the Championship is set to restart on 20 June, albeit behind closed doors, it won't be long before we are enjoying his artwork again.

So Gareth, as Luton Town Football Club's official photographer, have you been forced to hang up your camera due to your usual subjects, until very recently, not being available and, if so, how have you been coping with that?

"Hello all. Thought I would just tell you what I actually do as most people think I just do football! I have been in photography all my working life, self-employed for the last 30 years. My work during the weekdays is corporate PR for companies then Saturdays are, of course, dominated by LTFC."

"I did my last commercial job on 17 March, two days later everything was cancelled in the diary. With the weather being superb, I go for a run every morning and then we have been redesigning the garden, which has been hours of work."

A lot of our followers will have missed things from their pre-Corona everyday lives, what have you missed the most?

"Obviously the football which I have followed from a young age, not being able to pop into any shop to get stuff, seeing the grandchildren (of which there are many) and meeting my son Paul for a beer."

If you could be joining the team to capture an away match, where is your other favourite ground and why?

"I travel to every away match and have been to almost every ground in the country. I don’t really like any of the new stadiums, they are all basically the same wherever you go."

"I tend to remember the food before the match, our favourite was the home made giant shepherd’s pie for £5 at Kidderminster"

"However, looking forwards and from what we have seen of Power Court, that will be so different. When Save Our Town started I remember thinking how organised it all was, a group not just ’talking’ but ‘doing’ and within a short space of time there were hundreds of people getting involved to ensure Power Court and Newlands Park happened. My dad used to talk of a new stadium many, many years ago and when I got involved with the football club, numerous mad plans were thrown at us. Now the plans are approved, it is going to happen - when the world calms down!"

Speaking of favourites, please could you share with us your top three LTFC moments that you were there to capture and why?

"There are many celebrations and 'moments' over the years but I have three black and white images that have a place in history." (Please see the pictures below.)

"They are, of course, Mick Harford scoring against Manchester United (21/4/85), Ricky Hill scoring against Everton at Villa Park (13/4/85) and John Faulkner scoring against Fulham with George Best and Rodney Marsh for the opposition (15/10/77). All classics."

Whilst out in your garden you have turned your lens to capturing whatever nature decided to turn up in your garden, can you share your favourite lockdown photos with us too please and why?

"There is always a camera with me when I am in the garden. My favourites? I captured a red kite, which hover above every day, a butterfly in flight, that one was a challenge, wild garlic on my run and a young blackbird being fed and lastly my home made cottage pie, I also love cooking."(please see pictures below)

We have heard many lovely stories of kindness in our community during this time, what will be your lasting memory of these pandemic days?

"Strangers talking to each other in the street, that makes a nice change!"

Now it is in the public domain that Nathan Jones has returned to manage the club, were you able to capture that first morning's training on Thursday 28 May 2020?

"I was called to the training ground on Thursday to do some ’training pics’. Nathan was there. I think this is a good move for us all. I have been very privileged to be in unique situations in our Club's history."
(Please see announcement/training day picture below)

Our penultimate question, who did you never get to photograph and always wish you had?

"The one person I would have liked to have photographed properly is my hero, Paul McCartney. I have got him at a couple of gigs but many years ago, my first wife and I were in London and while she was getting a ‘posh’ hair cut, I drove up to Macca’s house in St John’s Wood. Just as I arrived, Paul turned up on his Honda 50 with Linda, signed some things and gave me some photographs, which was great but I DIDN’T HAVE A CAMERA!"

And finally, which players are the biggest posers?!

"Posing players in the current team - obviously Pelly! Harry Cornick, Marek and Glenda love a pic, although Glenda won’t admit it!"

"Thank you for having me.

All pictures ©garethowen2020
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2 months ago

Save Our Town

We continue to look at the way local people have been responding to the changes enforced upon them and the good things that have come out of our community as a result of the global pandemic. This week, we turn to local artist ENNÈ Artist to look at how, with all performance venues closed not only in Luton but across the land, she has been turning her creative hands to alternative genres in addition to her music. We also ask her about a project that she is taking forwards, initiated by lockdown and a cancelled gig at Hat Factory Arts Centre, to put back into the community and share her talents with children who may not have the opportunity to have music lessons. A pay it forwards scheme, putting something back into music and as a thank you for kindness she has been shown by others, which is so very her.
A regular at The Hat Factory, The Bear Club and George 2nd luton, we are missing our cultural outlets and they are missing us, their live audience. Ennè explains in this video how her hand has been forced to change direction. You can find more about the projects she talks about, including her exciting art exhibition, music and new clothing line at:
www.zealous.co/nakishadownesesnard/portfolio/; www.youtube.com/enneartist;
and enneartist.kincustom.com/
There is no-one that can tell this tale better of her time in lockdown than the lady herself, so we give you Ennè, our proud Lutonian songstress. She might even give us a song.
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So, your generous donations, no matter how big or small, have and will be used to fund the creation and maintenance of promotion activity, purchase materials and prepare advertising campaigns to help spread the word about #saveourtown, and the proposals we support.

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