We continue to look at the way local people have been responding to the changes enforced upon them and the good things that have come out of our community as a result of the global pandemic.

This week, we turn to local artist ENNÈ Artist to look at how, with all performance venues closed not only in Luton but across the land, she has been turning her creative hands to alternative genres in addition to her music.

We also ask her about a project that she is taking forwards, initiated by lockdown and a cancelled gig at Hat Factory Arts Centre, to put back into the community and share her talents with children who may not have the opportunity to have music lessons.

A pay it forwards scheme, putting something back into music and as a thank you for kindness she has been shown by others, which is so very her.

A regular at The Hat Factory, The Bear Club and George 2nd luton, we are missing our cultural outlets and they are missing us, their live audience.

Ennè explains in this video how her hand has been forced to change direction. You can find more about the projects she talks about, including her

exciting art exhibition: https://www.zealous.co/nakishadownesesnard/portfolio/;

Music: https://www.youtube.com/enneartist

Clothing line: https://enneartist.kincustom.com/

There is no-one that can tell this tale better of her time in lockdown than the lady herself, so we give you Ennè, our proud Lutonian songstress. She might even give us a song.