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We’ve already been overwhelmed by the volume of messages we’ve received from passionate supporters since we launched – thank you!

We want to get back to each and every one of you individually, but this may take some time – please bear with us as we are currently a very small team!

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While we believe Luton will be transformed by Power Court and Newlands Park, don’t just take our word for it.

People are having their say as part of our petition urging Capital & Regional, owners of The Mall shopping centre, to stop blocking a bright new future for Luton. Sign the petition here:

This is a chance to add to the original UK planning record of 11,000 people who wrote to Luton Borough Council in 2016, supporting the plans for Power Court and Newlands Park. The key difference now is the opportunity to tell the major objector why they need to change their stance and listen to what the people of the town want and need.

Also, all your responses (be polite) will be sent direct to the email inboxes of the Capital and Regional Chief Executive and Chairman.

Responses such as these...


Owen Clarke

This is a huge opportunity for not just the football club but the whole town, why should a company from London be able to control the town’s destiny


Our Town deserves these fantastic developments. It is just not the Football club and supporters that will benefit. Just for starters a decent music venue would be great as there are no real local venues for larger bands/groups to play.

Mick Henman

I love my town, and it needs the kiss of life, dont see why non Luton people should dictate to me and affect my children /grandchildrens future

David Whittington

This is the brightest future Luton has had in many generations

Vincent Mitchell

I want this great town to have a future and a new football stadium to be proud of.

Anthony Mallon

These projects are vitaly important for the future of Luton!

John Harley

Luton both need and deserve a better future which the Power Court and Newlands developments offer !!!

Stephen Hayhurst

I. want my grandchildren to grow up to be proud of their town

Paul Haynes

Luton as a town deserves investment and as a Lutonian I want to be proud of my home town once more.

Cathy Hutchison

This is essential for the future of our town and our football club – no one should stand in the way of what is so obviously a hugely beneficial development to Luton.

Jean Large

The whole town not just the football club need this development for future generations to enjoy

Thomas Maher

I believe both project will deliver a better future for Luton, culturally and financially

Nina Coodien

I sincerely believe it will move this town forward , bring opportunities to our community , our present and our future #saveourtown #please #thankyou


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the whole town and surrounding areas. Our children and grandchildren deserve the regeneration of Luton not more stagnation.

Michael Pratt

This great town and its community deserve these massive projects that are planned……who in their right minds would feel it necessary to stand against such a desperately needed investment in the town of Luton…..

Ann Clarke

I love Luton amd wamt it to thrive. I want mpre opportunities for young and old.

Chris Gathern

This will just not benefit the football club, but the whole of the town.

Roger Pile

I want a brighter, better town to benefit my children and grandchildren. These developments will make everyone proud of our town again.

Sue Armstrong

I love my town and want to see it prosper

Ray Coot

Let’s make Luton the town it should be & give the football club the stadium it & its supporters deserve .

andrew kimberley

Both developments are a once in a lifetime opportunity for Luton and c&r do not own the town.

Rob Jones

It matters to the folk of Luton, do the right thing and support the proposals for regeneration. PC and NP are the future and the Mall can benefit from this.

Susan Jones

We need to transform our town. The football family need a new stadium, it needs to be in our town, OUR Luton Town!

Helen Gatward

It is not just about the football stadium, it’s about what the town needs. And the town needs this!

Simon Marshall

Luton needs this badly not just for the club but for the TOWN!!!!

Stuart Eaglesham

Our town needs to move forward with these developments, not just for the football club but for the town as a whole as we are being left behind the other large towns and cities locally, we cannot let them monopolize our town, We need this. THIS IS OUR TOWN!!!!!!!

Dee Lovelock

This is a massive opportunity for Luton

Darren Howard

Luton needs to progress for our future generations.

Terry Coan

Best thing to happen in the history of the town

Angela Phelan

This will be the most important development in the towns history and nobody should be allowed to stand in the way of this incredible opoutunity which will benefit every Lutonian.

Dave T

Future generations will not look kindly upon us if we allow big business to put their greed above this once in a lifetime opportunity to revitalise and regenerate our town.

Martin Roberts

This development must take place to transform Luton Town Centre for the 21st Century and restore it as a place Lutonians can return to and be proud of!

sheila fitzgerald

I believe in this town and it’s people

Rosette Davies

This is a great opportunity to regenerate our town and to leave a lasting legacy to future generations


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4 hours ago

Save Our Town

Congratulations Sara on designing a fabulous car for the future! Great to see the children of our town taking an interest in such an important part of our heritage.Sara was so excited to see her drawing on show yesterday. She was one of the runners up in the Design a car for the future as part of the Vauxhall exhibition. Sara came with her whole family and mum was pleased to let us share the photo. Congratulations again Sara. #museummakers #schools #younglearners ... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

Save Our Town

Still time to see this month’s star car, the 1983 Astra GTE Mk.1, with a few tickets available for this weekend. Did you ever own one?This is the last couple of days to see this month's star car the 1983 Astra GTE Mk.1 in our Vauxhall - Made in Luton exhibition.
There are still some tickets left for this weekend but get in quick:

Stay tuned to see what the car will be next month!
#madeinluton #vauxhallheritage
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3 weeks ago

Save Our Town

The Culture Trust Luton are looking for volunteers to help at the Vauxhall- Made in Luton exhibition at the Stockwood Discovery Centre.

You dont have to be an expert but an interest in Vauxhall or the cars would be helpful. Hours to suit. Click for more information:
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3 weeks ago

Save Our Town

Luton Town Community Trust have organised another fantastic event for over 50s as part of their ‘Tackling Loneliness Together’ campaign.

Pop down to 50 NINE in High Town every Wednesday at 9.30am and enjoy a free hot drink! Email or call to reserve your place.
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3 weeks ago

Save Our Town

If the exhibition at Stockwood Discovery Centre has whet your vintage Vauxhall appetite, you may want to tune in to BBC3CR tomorrow morning (8 September) at 08.15 to hear Simon Hucknall, Head of Product PR and Heritage at Vauxhall, explain the reasons why the Heritage Centre have put a small number of cars up for auction. There is a very good reason for this, which Simon will explain.
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Why are we raising money?

#saveourtown is a volunteer-led campaign group and, while we have a popular and ever-growing social media presence, we are aiming to reach all members of our community and not everyone is on social media, or online. To produce physical campaign materials and spread the message through community events, this costs money.

So, your generous donations, no matter how big or small, have and will be used to fund the creation and maintenance of promotion activity, purchase materials and prepare advertising campaigns to help spread the word about #saveourtown, and the proposals we support.

For example, your donations have helped pay for this website and for things like banners, that have been paraded on the pitch at Kenilworth Road, plus 80,000 posters and leaflets that were sent to Luton homes, so residents could learn about the once-in-a-lifetime chance to transform their town.

This also provided people with a chance to show their support by putting the posters in their windows to further spread the word. Didn’t get one? Don’t worry you can download the poster here for FREE.

Your donations have made that possible and so much more. Every penny raised will be accounted for and our accounts will be professionally verified annually. And when we all get the victory of progress for Luton, as a community campaign, any funds left when our work is complete will be donated to a Luton charity.