#saveourtown drew the attention of the nation on Saturday October 13 when Sky Sports featured the campaign live on television during Luton’s 3-2 League One defeat at Barnsley.

After a banner was stretched across the away end at the Tykes’ Oakwell stadium, cameras focused on the message during the 69th minute of the match.
Commentator Gary Weaver also explained to viewers about the campaign, saying: “Part of Luton’s grand plan to rub shoulders with the top level of English football again is to build a new stadium at Power Court.

They see it as vital if they are to make it and keep themselves in the Championship.”

watch the video below:

“There are two projects are linked with the new stadium. Fans are hopeful of getting the green light. Likewise the town and what it will do for the town. They are hopeful of receiving news before the end of the calendar year.

“It will be a new stadium with a capacity of 17,500 fans. If it were happening right now, if they were in there, Luton say they would be making an extra £100,000 a month, at this moment in time.

“They are waiting for a couple more months, maybe, to get the green light on both projects. They have been looking to move away from Kenilworth Road for over six decades now.”

As well as the stadium, the developments and Power Court and Newlands Park will include a new stadium, an 1,800-capacity music venue, bars, restaurants, high-end retail, leisure, entertainment and community facilities, offices, hotels and more, which would provide an annual boost of more than £250million to the local economy and 10,000 jobs.

Chairman of #saveourtown, Nigel Green, said: “To get national television coverage of our campaign for regeneration, not stagnation, is a very welcome boost.”

“We’re delighted to now add Sky Sports to the ever bulging list of supportive celebrities, politicians, businesses, sportsmen and women, schools, community groups and other local people that recognise the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform Luton.

“Newlands Park and Power Court will help put a sense of pride back into the town and put an end to decades of unfair perceptions.“

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