An artist's impression of Newlands Park

An artist’s impression of Newlands Park

This week Capital & Regional provided a written statement to the Luton News as to why they are planning to pursue a Judicial Review against Newlands Park. You can read the article here.

Here is our response to their statement:

Andy King, Vice Chairman of the #saveourtown Committee, said: “We see that Capital & Regional are embarrassingly sticking to the same old ill-informed nonsense!

“We were there at the two planning decision hearings, when C&R did not even bother to turn up. We all heard what their ridiculous so-called offer of ‘support’ was and why it was rejected out of hand by 2020 Developments.

“It’s handy that the hearings were also broadcast live on the internet and can still be viewed, so people can quickly expose inaccuracies for themselves.

“The point, that C&R repeatedly fail to grasp, is not that they ‘are entitled to exercise our legal right to challenge this’, it’s that an overwhelming majority of Lutonians (a UK planning record), our elected representatives and central government all support these plans, so who are they challenging this for?

“The answer has always been, for C&R’s shareholders.

“Shareholders who evidently do not live in Luton and do not care about our home, our neighbours, our families, our friends, our prosperity and our future.

“They certainly do not care about investing in our town centre because they’ve been custodians of The Mall since 2006, yet only 2020 Developments have put forward, not only a credible plan, but one that has been approved and is widely supported.

“C&R do care about two things, however. They care about what profit they can extract from Lutonians, and this continued crusade to ruin Luton’s dreams of a bright new future.

“They are the enemies of our town, not the demigod saviours, they seem to have misguidedly cast themselves as.”