Volunteers helping to make PPE

Volunteers helping to make PPE

Last week we wanted to acknowledge our recognition of the wonderful way in which the Luton community is pulling together in the midst of this unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic. Well, that teamwork continues.

We are humbled by some of the stories that have come to light and the way in which our fellow Lutonians are helping each other. So, we want to put the spotlight on some of the local stars who are shining in this darkness and, periodically, we will do so whilst we live in its midst.

Do you know any unsung Luton heroes that are going over and above at this time? We would love you tell us about them. Feel free to thank them publicly here. We are happy to sing your praises.

Whether that’s the town’s NHS staff, refuse collectors, cleaning contractors or airport workers who remain out there on the frontline.

It could be our yoga teachers, choirs, drama groups and the like, who have switched to online classes, which is so vital for the town’s mental wellbeing.

Maybe there are neighbours that are now friends, going that extra mile for you to ensure you have what you need. Or, it could our artists that now have nowhere to perform and are still reaching out to keep us entertained.

This weekend our beloved Luton Town Football Club turned 135 years old and we know lots of you have had birthdays that you would have been unable to celebrate as planned, did someone do something for you to make your day as special as they could under current conditions?

We feel you are a part of a story in the history of our town that needs telling. We are so incredibly proud of you all.

We wanted to firstly highlight up the work of Stopsley High School and Luton Sixth Form College who have collaborated to create 220 face shields for NHS and Key workers.

Following on from a movement by Design Technology teachers nationwide, Adam Wise from Stopsley High School adapted and produced a mask that could meet the needs and be produced in the school’s DT department.

A group of volunteers offered their help, including Jody Swain from Luton Sixth Form.

The team gathered at Stopsley, observing social distancing, and produced the face shields and 80 masks were delivered to local key workers at doctors’ surgeries, pharmacists and funeral directors, while the rest were split between Keech Hospice Care, the Luton and Dunstable University Hospital and Luton Council.