With the historic decisions to grant planning permission for Power Court and Newlands Park, we have embarked on a next phase of work to help improve the look and feel of Luton, before the major transformation and construction starts at both sites. We’ve launched Power in Paint and here’s is everything you need to know about it, including how to get involved.

Andy King, vice chairman of #saveourtown and Aimi Rix, Director of Little Red Creative Studios, next to the Power in Paint billboards being posted on the Power Court hoarding boards which will become the canvas for the art project


  • What is Power in Paint?

    1. Power in Paint is a community arts project, organised by #saveourtown in conjunction with Artistic Director Aimi Rix, of Little Red Creative Studios, Luton. it is Europe’s single, largest urban street art project, the aim of the project is to cover the long-standing blue perimeter hoarding boards that surround Power Court, Luton, with ambitious, uplifting and creative artworks. It’s a platform for local artists, and artists with a love for Luton to express themselves by delivering pieces that represent themes of regeneration and hope for a brighter Luton.
  • Who are #saveourtown?

    1. Save our Town are a group of passionate Lutonians who came together to galvanise support for the plans to build a new stadium at Power Court and the associated development adjacent to J10 of the M1 motorway – Newlands Park. #saveourtown are an independent campaign group with the best interests of Luton and Lutonians at heart. We are strongly opposed to the stance held by Capital and Regional PLC, the owners of The Mall shopping centre, who stand in objection to Newlands Park – a project that would see the creation of thousands of new jobs in a new mixed use development including offices, high-end retail, a hotel and new leisure facilities, restaurants and bars. In short, #saveourtown stands for the regeneration of Luton, rather than current stagnation.
  • OK great! I want to get involved. What do I need to do?

    1. Fill out a REGISTRATION FORM with an example of work and your idea, and a list of paints and materials you may require (we only keep a few paints but can supply some materials)
    2. We will be in contact to arrange for you to come to Little Red Creative Studios to meet in person, discuss your idea and location, and pick up a lanyard (the lanyard gives you permission to paint at Power Court).
    3. You will be allocated a board (or boards) depending on availability and your design
    4. Go to Power Court and start painting
  • Do the boards need any preparation?

    1. Yes the boards are very old and need to be scraped down before base coat is applied
  • Is paint provided by Power in Paint?

    1. We have some undercoat primer in white, grey and black to get us started and there will be some acrylic and spray paint available. You will need to be allocated boards to paint on and send Aimi Rix a paint requirement list (this does not mean you will have all paints supplied, however, we will endeavour to support you).
  • Will you supply brushes and equipment?

    1. No as artists you will be expected to use your own tools and equipment.
  • Is there parking nearby?

    1. Yes there are two carparks on the Power Court site. 50-70p per hour
  • I don’t paint and I’m not an artist, so how can I get involved?

    1. There are many ways for you to get involved.
      1. We encourage collaborations and can put you in contact with other artists who would like help.
      2. We need help site clearing and preparing/undercoating boards.
      3. Keeping artists company so they’re not painting alone.
      4. Like/follow and share our Power in Paint project Facebook page, share our posts and take your own photographs to share on your own platforms ad keep spreading the word about the project.
      5. Stay positive about Luton.
  • When is the deadline?

    1. There is no deadline, but early applications will get priority spots.
  • Can I incorporate words/lyrics?

    1. Yes, as long as they relate to the themes of Luton, its heritage, regeneration, hope and progress. Please check with us if you’re unsure – we reserve the right to paint over anything inappropriate.
  • What materials can I use?

    1. We’re open to any kind of paint, pasted poster, collage, and 3D art as long as it is safe, secure, weatherproof, and not sharp. Pattern work is welcomed.
  • When can I paint?

    1. The lanyard we will provide you give you permission to paint at Power Court only, at any time – day, night, weekends, weekdays – hours to suit you.  You are responsible for your own safety on site so bring a friend if necessary.
  • How do I know which board to paint?

    1. You will be allocated a board/boards. DO NOT paint on any other boards – some of them are in a bad state of repair and will need to be replaced, others have been allocated to other artists. We reserve the right to paint over any inappropriately placed art.
  • What CAN’T I paint?

    1. No flags
    2. No political / religious slogans or statements
    3. No profanity (swearing).
    4. If you are in any doubt you’ll be able to discuss your idea when you come to collect your lanyard and we will let you know or suggest amendments.
    5. Please note that we will paint over anything that we feel does not meet these criteria. Any offensive material applied to the boards may be reported to the authorities.
  • How big are the boards?

    1. Approximately 2m high x 1m wide
  • What will I need to bring?

    1. Paints, brushes, rollers, undercoat, water, cloths, other materials. You must wear your lanyard when you’re painting or you may be asked to leave the site.
  • What will happen to the boards and artwork?

    1. The boards will stay up as long as they are physically safe, during the construction of Power Court, to transform it with a new 17,500-seat football stadium, 1,800-capacity music venue and associated leisure, entertainment, business and retail facilities. This will take several years. After this, any surviving boards will be relocated around Luton. Little Red Creative Studios will document and photograph all of the boards so your image will be preserved as part of Luton’s heritage and ongoing regeneration.
  • Who will own the artworks?

    1. The physical boards are owned by #saveourtown which retains all rights over them. You can of course use photographs of your image however you wish.
  • Will I get paid?

    1. No. This is a voluntary project for the love of Luton, everyone is giving their time for free, including #saveourtown and Little Red Creative Studios.
    2. The artworks will not be sold.
  • I’m not from Luton – can I still paint?

    1. Yes, but priority will be given to local artists. We would like to know how you’re connected to Luton and/or what your interest is in this project and Luton’s heritage and rejuvenation.
  • I’m not 18 yet, can I still paint?

    1. If you’re 16 and over, you can apply to paint if accompanied by a responsible adult.
    2. Younger children can accompany a registered artist as long as they don’t interfere with other artists’ work – but please make sure they are supervised as the boards face a busy road.
    3. Children under 12 years are not permitted on site under any circumstance, BUT look out for our second phase to see how children can get their artwork on the boards.