Luton needs YOUR support. The town is faced with a once-in-a-lifetime chance for huge transformational change, but one major objector is trying to block the progress we all want and deserve.

Luton Town Football Club has submitted major regeneration plans at Newlands Park (by the M1 junction 10) and Power Court (in the town centre opposite St Mary’s Church) – but they’re about so much more than football. These plans would boost the local economy by £261million a year and create 10,000 new jobs by providing new homes, restaurants, bars, high-end shopping, community, retail and leisure facilities, a 1,800-capacity music venue, public space including the re-emergence of the River Lea, hotels and office space. And the Hatters will get a new 17,500-seat stadium.
It seems like a no-brainer, but Capital and Regional, the company that owns The Mall shopping centre DO NOT want it to happen, even though everyone stands to benefit. Even them.

Lutonians and local people want progress and 11,000 people have already written to Luton Council in support of these plans – a UK planning record. Thousands more have since got behind these plans and the #saveourtown campaign to get the proposals approved and built.
A wide cross section of our community supports regeneration from residents to businesses, celebrities and both of Luton’s Members of Parliament. It was MP Gavin Shuker MP, whose Summer School pupils produced this video with Creative Film Workshops.

We need your support to help achieve this and #saveourtown from stagnation.


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A huge thank you to Summer School students Haleema Ali – Inspiring Social Change, James Tarney, Muhammad Ali, Emily Mahon, Linda-Jean Hammond, Ozud Miah, Peter Gallizzi and Callum Carr for their work to support us and the £345.87 they helped to fundraise for our cause.