News has come through to day that major retail organisation INTU has withdrawn its objection to the proposed Newlands Park development.

#saveourtown chairman Nigel Green said: “It seems common sense has prevailed. Let’s just hope it sparks an outbreak. Part of Newlands Park and Power Court’s attractiveness for our town is that they will keep more Luton spend in Luton.

It currently leaks to places like Intu’s two shopping centres in Watford and Milton Keynes, but if they can see that their business will not be harmed by the plans for Luton, then it makes Capital and Regional’s objection looks even more absurd. Lutonians – their customers – want these developments, businesses want these developments so, increasingly, C&R’s continued stance is only enhancing the perception that they’re acting entirely selfishly. We again urge C&R to stop blocking a bright new future for Luton. One that they can also benefit from.

“Until they start speaking the language of local people, we’d urge everyone else to sign our petition calling on them to drop their block and join with the overwhelming numbers of local people in support of the plans that will give us a Luton we want and deserve.

“Go to… and provide your support. Your responses get sent straight to the email inbox of C&R CEO Lawrence Hutchings and Chairman Hugh Scott-Barrett so, as well as supporting us, you can politely tell them directly why Luton needs regeneration, not stagnation.”